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WORKSHOP: Figure Painting

WORKSHOP: Figure Painting




Experience Level



1 Day



Enrollment Deadline


About the Course

Nate Jeffery, MFA


~~** For children aged 10-16 years old **~~

Various methods of observing the human form from a clothed model in-studio will be undertaken during this exciting, one-day workshop. Students will be introduced to watercolor painting and will work from the most basic methods to more complex techniques using high-quality, professional grade watercolors and papers. This is especially helpful for children who are interested in animation, illustration, painting, and cartooning. No experience required. All materials included.

Attendees may pack a lunch or snack. Refrigeration is available.

Enrollment Fee: $150

Instructor: Nate Jeffery, MFA

About the Instructor:
*All FAA faculty hold the clearances required to work with children as required by law.
Homeschooled from the age of seven until eighteen, Nate Jeffery then began college, taking a winding path to graduation from Edinboro University as a painter with a BFA in studio art—spending two decades in manufacturing before going to graduate school, he received an MFA in painting from Miami University in 2021. Philosophy and perception play a role in Nate’s work as a realist figurative painter, exploring being, place, and temporality. His paintings have been shown in Cincinnati’s Contemporary Art Center, and Manifest Gallery, the Erie Art Museum’s 2022 Spring Show, and in the upcoming Paul and Norma Tikkanen Painting Prize show. Nate lives in Fairview with his family and their cats, who all often appear in his paintings and drawings.

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