TEENS & ADULTS - GROUP COURSE: Painting from Life

Experience Level



7 Weeks


Contact Hours


Saturdays from 10:00AM-2:00PM, Begins September 24

Maximum Enrollment




Enrollment Deadline

September 14

About the Course

Alison Stinely, MFA


Students will learn how to paint from direct observation through a series of increasingly demanding projects, using either acrylic or oil paint. Students will engage in a comprehensive study of color theory while expected to view, study and describe three-dimensional objects, such as still life arrangements, the figure, interior and/or exterior spaces analytically on a two-dimensional surface. Various painting techniques such as direct painting, planar analysis, glazing & scumbling, and working alla prima, are employed. Students should enter the course with an interest in the craft of materials and will successfully complete the course with the ability to creatively develop pictorial space with paint.

*Tuition Fee Structure:
7 Week (28 hour) Enrollment: $750

*FAA Supply Kit Price: $265 (plus applicable sales tax)

*If a student chooses to enroll with materials included, ALL materials needed to complete the workshop or course will be provided by the Academy. Provided materials are professional, artist grade, and of excellent quality. ALL provided materials remain the property of the student at the conclusion of the term. Students who choose to enroll at the lower tuition rate, without materials provided, will be given a material supply list, and some advice regarding sourcing the items, so they may purchase their own supplies which may be more economical.