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Foundation Art Academy is committed to providing curricula that fit various skill levels, ages, and backgrounds. 

Workshop Intensives / Group Courses / Individualized Instruction

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Small group courses offer individualized attention from faculty and flexibility in learning objectives while working in a group setting for an extended period of time. Some students enrolled in small group courses may have never picked up a pencil before, while others may be more advanced. Each course section will have no more than six students enrolled at any time. This low enrollment cap allows faculty to provide unique technical and conceptual input specific to each student. Each project will require students to follow a similar structure and deadlines, while still allowing the more advanced students the opportunity to push beyond assignment stipulations. Students will experience marked growth throughout the enrollment period, whether they attend for an 8-week (24 contact hours) or 12-week session (36 contact hours). Summer sessions meet for 4-week long sessions (24 contact hours). Small group course topics include: Drawing, Painting, 2D Design + Color Theory, and 3D Design + 3D Printing.

  • 4, 8, or 12 week session options.

  • Students of all backgrounds and experience levels (introductory to advanced learners).

  • Individualized student objectives.

  • Multiple techniques and concepts are tackled during the session.

  • Deep learning.


Workshop intensives take place over a short period of time, usually one to six days, and are focused on the completion of one major project. The completion of the project will introduce and enhance the students’ understanding of any one technical skill or special topic. Each workshop will have no more than 12 students enrolled at any time. Workshops are fast and objectives are hyper-focused. Because of this, each workshop will be designated as either a Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced level intensive. Workshop intensive topics include:  Still Life Drawing, Human Figure Drawing or Painting, Portraiture & Anatomy, Material Color Theory, Paint Mixing & Handling, Gilding, 3D Modeling & Printing, Studying the Old Masters, Fragmented Color in Collage, and Digital Image Compositing, to name a few. Contact hours vary per workshop.

  • 1-6 day long sessions.

  • Offered on a rotating basis.

  • Each workshop intensive will be labeled for either Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced students.

  • Singular student learning objective.

  • WARNING: May lead to the desire to enroll in small group coursework!

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Image by Mike Von


Whether student goals include one day entering an art or design program at the university level or sharpening professional skills such as writing, artwork documentation, or applying for exhibitions, FAA can help. Small group and individualized tutorials are available for enrollment. Material and conceptual requirements, as well as student learning objectives, are tailor made to fit each student's unique needs.


All coursework is available in a virtual format. Please inquire about virtual course session requirements by using the contact form here.

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